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The Dropa protected cavern partitions with pictograms that show our Photo voltaic Procedure and map routes One of the stars with intersecting lines and dots. Their pictograms illustrate frail beings with spherical helmet-like bowls on their heads.

three.4 billion yrs back, “clays acted as chemical laboratories wherever inorganic materials were processed into more advanced molecules. Inorganic proto-organisms inside the clay acted as being a template from which residing organisms [1- celled microscopic algae like today’s blue-green algae] evolved. Defects within the clays acted as web sites where by saved Strength and chemical directions to the development of proto-organisms created.” Inexperienced algae’s “the precursor of chlorophyllic crops that use daylight to convert their nutrients to natural compounds, emitting oxygen in the procedure just after algae distribute on dry land.

(4th Century BCE) involved information on steering, safety measures for prolonged flights, defense of airships from storms and lightening and how to switch the drive to solar of free Power.” Vimanas took off straight up and will hover.

Then he flew her to his position in Lebanon, fantastic, he reported, for her seeds from Nibiru. They’d make “euphoric elixer” from fruit her seeds would increase.

Karen is a co-host on Aquarian radio (), a researcher into alternative historical past along with the experiencer movement. Karen an Annunaki contactee, abductee, and experiencer who started her Unusual experiences when she was about five years aged. When she begun first grade, her strange talents turned pretty fascinating to The key government who had been trying to find boy or girl psychics and remote viewers.

So who is this man; why this sudden curiosity in him, and why am I bringing him up in this article, producing a complete paper about him?

Our Sumerian ancestors didn’t think about Home Page gods who created them literate and explained to them what to write. As an alternative resource to make up gods, Sumerians noticed, read and bred with Anunnaki as extremely tall, lengthy-lived persons. Sumerians viewed the giants operate devices and desktops; they observed them hearth weapons of mass destruction. They noticed Anunnaki with small equipment, MEs, overpower other Anunnaki. Sumerians saw Anunnaki communicate into products and heard voices respond. The Anunnaki stated the voices came from spacecraft beyond sight plus the moon, southern Africa, the Andes as well as Indus Valley, and from obvious rockets, shuttlecraft, orbiting stations and planes. Sumerians tagged Anunnaki aircraft, submarines, helicopters, spaceships, weapons and personal computers with their own words and phrases the gods taught them.

This is sort of abnormal, but would nevertheless be forgotten after a working day or two if there wasn’t lots a lot more you could check here towards the story. The weird matters started off when Invoice Birnes of the “UFO Hunters”

David took Jerusalem and designed it his Capitol, “searching for a more secure locale as the wars with the neighboring Philistines in the southern A part of Canaan’s coastal basic intensified. He gave Yahweh-Enlil’s handwritten plans for your temple there to his son, Solomon.“ [

Nibirans “not simply lifted and placed this kind of colossal stone blocks but additionally carried them from a quarry various miles away. The quarry has long been Positioned As well as in it one of those colossal stone blocks had not been done, even now lies partly connected to the native rock; its sizing exceeds the Trilithon blocks. [Stairway: 168 – 176; Expeditions: 166 -179]

To produce a feminine, Ningishzidda planted a zygote manufactured with Adamu’s blood in Damkina; our ancestress, Ti-Amat, carried Damkina’s mitochondrial DNA. The Anunnaki geneticists “understood the artificially inseminated ovum needed to be inserted in the uterus of an Anunnaki, then carried, birthed, suckled and reared by her. “Once the zygote grew to some viable feminine fetus, Ninmah excised her from Damkina.

“And the whole part about not having a choice just verifies the importance of your bloodline. I’m confident you’ve viewed the Motion picture “Dune”? Almost certainly as again and again as me? You know the way important bloodlines were being to them?

A Civilized gentleman I've brought forth. A new form of Earthling from my seed has been made, in my graphic and following my likeness. From seed they from food items will develop, from ewes sheep they'll shepherd. Anunnaki and Earthlings henceforth shall be satiated.

He almost certainly applied technologies Dunn proved in Egypt’s Giza Pyramids. Angkor created energy as Section of a world-large grid Anunnaki pyramidal electricity stations and monoliths that accessed and augmented power for aircraft, communication, lighting and computing.

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