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I now know that all of us Earth humans are intricately woven right into a connective tissue-like weave, Significantly a lot more than a network, plus much more just like a sort of overfunction – spokes to some grand wheel with the center of that's nothing and all the things, due to the fact all of us together are It.

He renamed Mercury, “Nabu.” Marduk made a priesthood which examined omens along with a horoscope that said outcomes the planets–as well as their namesakes–had on Earthlings.

Alone in the Crossing, Jacob encountered and wrestled and, even though he dislocated his thigh inside the struggle, pinned and held a Nibiran “angel” all evening.

On Mars, Nibirans manned a spaceport and lasered a monument to Alalu, a person of their kings, who was exiled to Mars and died there.

Anything interrupted Ollantaytambu’s construction; “stone blocks lie strewn about,” with T-cuts for poured steel clamps in them to hold the blocks alongside one another throughout earthquakes. The clamp-cuts copy All those at Tiahanacu. “A levitation product made the stones leap down the road from the quarry to slides, wherever the stones would be pushed above the edge and retrieved at The underside.

Consensus establishes social fact but does it predict the chemical composition of asteroids or the shape of the landmass beneath the Antarctic icepack just how ancient Sumerian tablets do? We’re left with alternate explanations of much. Appreciate them, question, and hold asking what to cut away with Occam’s razor. We grasp the elephant of reality from different perspectives. See them all and have a clearer image of the beast and the blind who generalize from their individual vantages to the nature of The entire and its context.

We've decided to be wide-eyed about items, Primarily about those people who are not from useful site below. We selected not be label them as aliens, ufonauts, and a lot of the other text generally utilized to name them. We uncomplicated manage what it, and what is (except for a single group) is that they're not from below.

Baalbek provided “stone blocks of extraordinary dimension, exactly Slice and positioned, such as three colossal stone blocks which have been the biggest during the click here for more world, the Trilthon. The stone blocks that make up the Trilithon weigh more than one,a hundred tons Each and every and they are put upon more mature immense stone blocks, above sixty ft extended with sides of fourteen to twelve feet, Reduce to have a slanting experience that weigh five hundred tons Just about every.

Both tests show which they equally have an elevation of CK of their blood! Dr. Systrom and his group do not want to speculate as of builders bargain why the levels are higher. There is not any muscle mass destruction in any of The 2 people, and very little else would seem Completely wrong with them either. It continues to be a mystery.

Nergal visited Inanna and asked her to help him consist of Marduk and he tricked Marduk to depart Babylon, then took its electrical power source, which managed irrigation for all Sumer.

Cities of Person to ascertain, therein sacred precincts abodes to the Anunnaki create. Kingship as on Nibiru on the planet set up, crown and scepter to a chosen person give, by him the term of your Anunnaki towards the people today convey, function and dexterity to implement; inside the sacred precinctsa priesthood to ascertain, the Anunnaki as lofty lords to provide and worship. Key knowledge to be taught, civilization to Mankind Express.” [

“And the whole aspect about not possessing a choice just verifies the significance of your bloodline. I’m absolutely sure you’ve seen the movie “Dune”? Possibly as repeatedly as me? You know the way essential bloodlines were being to them?

The tallest pyramid reported rises 300 metres substantial. Its sides measure five hundred metres lengthy –two occasions more substantial than and twenty situations the amount of The good Pyramid at Giza.

The Nibirans showed us the way to obsess on just one-upsmanship, to destroy to rule. We watched them get rid of one another. Our ancestors had to plunder, enslave or eliminate whomever their distinct masters, the dominant Nibiran within their areas explained to them.

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